Re: Puzzled about KDE or GNOME or what?

Jeremy Nicoll - news posts
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Thanks to everyone for their replies, so far. Very helpful.

Sidney Lambe <sidneylambe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You would be much better off to just do a minimal X install
(just a simple window manager and x-term plus the graphical
apps you want to run.) and learn to run Linux from the
commmand line. Takes just as much time and allows you to run
Linux anywhere, regardless of the distro.

You need a GUI, you do not need a GDE.

Interesting; I've an IBM mainframe systems programming
background so command-lines etc do not particularly worry me.

Are you talking UNIX operating systems?

In fact I tend to loathe GUIs that hide what's really going on,
interpreting error messages for me, hiding all the stuff in
config files etc.

OTOH I have a feeling that getting started in Linux might be
easier with some sort of GUI, and I can explore config files
etc when I feel like it.

You are confusing me with your use of "GUI". I run a GUI, but
I do _not_ run a GDE (Graphical Desktop Environment) like kde
or gnome. They are very different things indeed.

A GUI is just a simple window manager that's available for X apps
to run in. You can run it from a plain term or from an x-term
within the window manager. A GDE is a massive suite of graphical
applications, libs, and utilities attempting to be a complete

With your experience I cannot imagine that it would take you
long to learn enough about the Linux OS to run this way. Less
time than it would take you to learn to use a GDE, I daresay.

Here are some links you will, hopefully, find helpful:
kind of odd "shell ninja" but lots of good info:
Building a Minimal Linux System from Source Code

Someone suggested trying some live CDs; I'm pondering that.

Why not? DSL, Damned Small Linux, will auto-configure itself
on almost any box.

One problem is I have a chronic illness and concentration
is hard a lot of the time. Lack of data persistence on live
systems makes it harder to keep notes in situ that remind one
of what one did last time...

I just mount the harddrive and write them to a file there.