Re: any path from Applix Words to OpenOffice?

Robert Riches <spamtrap42@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Robert Riches wrote:
On 2009-11-24, Stan Bischof <stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Robert Riches <spamtrap42@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there any reasonable path to take an Applix Words document and
convert it so it can be imported into OpenOffice? I tried
several methods, but they all badly mangled the formatting and/or
failed to transfer the content.

Maybe if you listed all the formats that Applix can
output, someone here might see a possible path?


MS Word 95/97/2000, 6.0 through RTF

The "through RTF" means Applix creates a .rtf file, and the
Micro$oft program is supposed to read the .rtf file. I already
tried creating the RTF from Applix and reading that into
OpenOffice. The formatting is tremendously mangled. It would be
easier to rework the formatting from plain text than from the

It's possible that the formatting is being lost by OpenOffice during
import and that MS-Word would load the file correctly.