Re: difference between striping using mdadm and LVM

Aragorn <aragorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:hj3u07$etq$4

Thanks for the great explaination!

Glad you appreciated it. ;-)

Of course I did! Your comments have been infinitely more helpful than the
hours I spent with my vendors stupid helpdesk! :)

Ah but wait a minute. As I understand it, you have a hardware RAID
adapter card. In that case - assuming that it is a real hardware RAID
adapter and not one of those on-board fake-RAID things - it doesn't

Ah yes. Fake-RAID. I have been trying to figure out if mine is real or fake.
I have a Dell PERC-e card and I hope it is "real", Is there a way to tell
"fake RAID" apart?

And in this case - i.e. if you have a hardware RAID array - then your
original question regarding software RAID 0 versus striping via LVM is
also answered, because hardware RAID will always be a bit faster than
software RAID or striped LVM.

Ok that's good to know. The reason I ask is I wasn't sure if in-spite of
having a hardware card I ought to export individual drives and then use mdadm
to manage.

With my 45 drives total there are a lot of options and its hard to calculate
which is the best one....