Re: difference between striping using mdadm and LVM

unruh <unruh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Thanks unruh!

Do you want speed or do you want size or do you want redundancy?

Mainly speed. Size and Redundancy are good but lesser goals. I guess its
always a tradeoff between all 3.

2. Do I add LVM on top? THis is cleaner than arbitrarily mounting /home1
/home2 etc. But the overhead of LVM worries me 3. Do I use LVM striping
or not? etc.

You want to use lvm why?

Because I have 3 different "storage boxes" with 15 drives each. At best I
see three devices /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc after I use the hardware RIAD
controllers. Logically I just want to mount /home on them.

At worst (If I do 7 disk RAID5's) I might see 6 physical drives. Then again
LVM would aggregate them and I could mount /home.

I am open to other sugesstions.


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