Re: installing new debian kernel

Mumia W. wrote:

On 01/23/2010 11:53 AM, Magnus Warker wrote:
Rather than to perform the slave-labor of going through every
configuration option in the kernel, you might just grab a .config file
from your Debian stock kernel and put that into the source directory. Do
a "make oldconfig" and then "make menuconfig" to add your desired

Well, this is my actual problem. My working kernel does not have
a /proc/config.gz. It's the one that came with Debian etch and was upgraded
several times ( I just have to change a single option (use bt848
instead of bt878), but I had to start from scratch (using some config from
2006 I found somewhere). Unfortunately it always hangs during boot at some
USB related step.

It would help if I could retrieve the config of the working kernel somehow.

As you said: "Grab a .config file from your Debian stock kernel". How?