Re: named (DNS) question

On 01/26/10 01:19 pm, David W. Hodgins wrote:

If it's like my Mandriva system, named runs in a chroot environment
within /var/lib/named, so the /var/named directory that it's looking
for would actually be /var/lib/named/var/named.

Apparently so. I removed the "directory" option in <named.conf>, copied
the <named.cache> and <name.local> files that were in /var/named/ into
/var/lib/named, and started the daemon using the init script. It worked!

/usr/sbin/named -t /var/lib/named -u named

I have no idea how I managed to start it with the original conf. When it
started this time, though, it synced with the master DNS server.

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