Re: Linux's Much Overlooked Calculator -- BC

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Sidney Lambe wrote:

Hope this helps. I love this little utility. The X ones just

It's as easy to fire up programs such as Octave and Maxima than
it is to run bc, which doesn't make bc very competitive.

Rui Maciel

Well, that's probably because you don't type well. The only thing
I currently use X for is xpdf. At the moment I couldn't tell you
where my mouse is. I use the console window manager GNU screen,
which has very advanced cut&paste capabilities and is entirely
operated from the keyboard. Got 7 open windows right now. X isn't
even up.

Screen is awesome. You should be familiar with its basic
operations in case you find yourself in an X-less environment,
like many servers and modems and such. Or rescue disks and
embedded systems. It has very good networking capabilities. You
can attach to remote screen sessions. Much, much more. Best
window manager there is, in my estimation.

You can get the manual from

You won't master the computer unless you can type well.