Re: 20 Most Powerful Open Source Voices of 2010. So where is Roy Schestowitz? Hahahahhaha

J G Miller wrote:

On Wed, 24 Mar 2010 07:03:47 +0100, Hadron wrote:

You dont understand Icaza's contributions

This is all one needs to understand about Icaza's contributions *today* --

"Microsoft Names Miguel de Icaza one of its Most Valuable Professionals"



He's also on the board of the Microsoft-supported CodePlex Foundation,

Meanwhile, Mono spin-off project Moonlight, an open-source
implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight interactive technology, has
won the blessings of the Redmond company.


and see how he likes it at


FYI: "Hadron" is a self confessed troll, & Windows user & programmer. He
*pretends* to use Linux, but denigrates it in favour of M$ at *every*

"I'm a long term Windows user and programmer"
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As someone said in the Ubuntu group:

"There is a certain amount of hostility towards Linux in most of your posts.
Your statement above is one prime example. Google can reveal plenty others.
Even a blind person reading this newsgroup could pretty quickly figure out
that you do appear to favor MS...hence why question why do you bother with
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"Perhaps that is so, but I'm not a confirmed liar, troll, MS-shill and waste
of bandwidth. What have you ever contributed to the world apart from your
cretinous babblings in various newsgroups (where you are mostly killfiled)?

Perhaps it's time to dump you into the killfile where trolls and cretins
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No one calls it PCI-X even though that's the "official"
shortening of the much more commonly used "PCI Express".'
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