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Jean-David Beyer writes:

I usually have one running, but not always. Once I have
loaded one in the morning, even if I exit it, it reloads
very fast as it tends to be in the cache. I tend to close
it if I need more desktop space for something else.

That's why I have four desktops with sixteen panes each.

That's absurd and isn't anything but showmanship. To impress
the ignorant.

??? Showmanship for whom? I work on my machine by myself. I do
not show it to anyone else. If I open a window for something I
tend not to shut it, because I am likely to want it again in a
little while. So what?

64 windows? Please.
No one could even remember what was on all of them.

Why waste my time shutting windows that do not need to be shut.
They just sit there doing nothing when not used.

What time? I can do it in a fraction of a second. If you ran
Linux from the commandline you wouldn't be wasting your time
playing with a mouse. And I can usually do what I want to do
without even opening a new window.

They are using a little system resources. Check the output
of ps and free and then shut them down and check again.

I prefer not to use system resources for anything that isn't
necessary. My computers and peripherals last a very long
time because of this practice.

And I never run out of resources when I am, for example,
doing some major compiling and downloading a lot of
large files. It isn't slowed down by processes
that aren't being used.

Useless eye-candy. No one needs 64 windows open at a time.

I have 7, full-screen windows open. There's nothing on the
screen but the app and a narrow strip, one character high,
at the bottom of the screen which tells me the number and
name of each window and which one I was at last and where I
am now. The strip is also used to display brief and short
messages like "mail on the foo account". If I need to I can
split the screen in various ways so I can view the output of
two or more apps at the same time.

These uncluttered screens make working and playing very

Fine, do whatever you want. Your are probably one of those
people that believe a clean desktop indicates some obscure
virtue as well. I do not.

You said that, I didn't. Why try to put words in my mouth
for the sake of a petty insult?

Why are you bothered by people who don't run Linux just
like you?

Why have your screen cluttered up with stuff you don't need?