Re: ACLs on XFS via NFS

On 2010-05-09 00:26:25 +0200, Chris Davies <chris-usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

Philipp Kraus <philipp.kraus@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm running 2 Gentoo systems with kernel and .2. The server
(.3) exports some directories via NFS. I have setup some dirs with ACLs,
in which a group gets full access [...]

Have you got --manage-gids set on the server's rpc.mountd? Read about
it in the manpage.

Yes, I had setup the -g flag into /etc/conf.d/nfs under OPTS_RPC_MOUNTD but I can't see
all user and group ride on the NFS client. The NFS client gets uids and gid via LDAP, so
every user can work on the client, but the ACLs are not there



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