Re: I don't get ssh.. more secure? Making better passwords.

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He smiled when I created a password in front of him that will be
impossible to forget, and the system he had told him it was 97%

Obvious caveat on the word "impossible"...

But seriously, yes, if you only have one password to remember, then it
can't be as obscure and weird as you are capable of, and you will pretty
much have acheived the goal.

But this conflicts with the other edict, which says you should have
different passwords on different systems (and note that even without
that edict, most people who work in IT have two separate existences -
their "at work" personna and their "at home" personna, and you will
probably not want to use the same password across these two universes).

So, I agree with the previous poster, that the rule to break here is the
edict that says not to write it down. If you want to have strong,
distinct passwords across your many systems, then you got to write them
down - and the point of storing them with your credit cards is a good
one - right up until someone steals your wallet...

Finally, note that another way to solve this problem is to use one of
the available "Keychain" programs - where you put all your passwords
there, and then never have to worry/type them again. This to me seems
inherenly unsafe (do we really trust the writers of these keychain
programs?), but that is the solution that many shops adopt.

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