Re: Linux for low cost telephone

Ok, evidently I didn't (and still don't, yet) know much of anything about routers - having only networked two PC's together directly using a single Cat5 cable. That's the extent of my networking knowledge. Oh, and I guess I got my Dad's router working with his PC once. I've always used dialup, so didn't need a router of any kind previously.

Evidently routers can do a lot more than just rout data. From what you guys are saying, it sounds like I need one that is a cable modem with voip and also 802.11n built in. That would let me hook up to the cable internet, use voip, and then connect to the internet with any wifi enabled device, like a laptop or desktop.

The Plug Computer looks interesting, and probably uses very little power. However, it also looks like it is text based, and would require a lot of troubleshooting. Don't get me wrong - for about 12 years I logged in to a dialup Linux shell and used pine for email. I still occasionally try to do the shortcut keys on the keyboard when I want to do something in email. That, and a text browser were what I used to use the internet for years, until DMA decided nobody needed to do that any more, and disabled it. Then I had to actually pay for a dialup internet account, and start using webmail. I still miss pine, and whatever they had for text based Usenet access. Nowadays I use Yahoo email (hate the ads) and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Ok, back to the topic on hand. If I can't find a router with all the capabilities I need, I may have to try Ooma. I've heard a number of folks say it is closest to what I am looking for. However, I've also heard concerns that the main company may go out of business, leaving me with a useless $250 piece of hardware. Are you guys saying that the innards run Linux on hardware?


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