Re: Bridging two Ethernet LAN segments with FDDI: possible options?

On Sun, 10 Oct 2010 14:00:31 -0500, Robert Heller wrote:

I have my LAN in two buildings, about 100' apart. Right now I have a
100' CAT5 cable running between the two buildings. This *mostly* works,
but 100'

Really? I thought the limit was more like 100m (328'). I have network
runs (albeit indoors) which exceed 150' and are working with gig-ethernet
over copper.

of Ethernet cable is pretty much right on the limit for a
reliable network.

I would *like* to run a FDDI (fiber optic) cable and use a pair a PCI
FDDI cards (easy to get on E-Bay), but recently discovered that it is
not possible to create a software bridge between (copper) Ethernet NICs
and FDDI NICs, due to low-level differences (stuff like endianness of
the MAC addresses and packet sizes).

Wow, never heard of that. I thought the whole point of TCP/IP was to hide
those low-level details.

What alternitive options do I
have? I know it would be trivial to just route the two LAN segments, but
then they would effectively be two separate LANs.

Note: comments inline.

Caveat: I have no experience with optical cables.

Douglas Mayne