Re: after deleting 250 GB file, df doesn't show change in disk space used

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problem is df is a client-server process using a pile of
nodes to wave existence signals to distant demons, hence
having usually a hell of a time to get through the void to


What do you mean that "df is a client-server process"?

I've been using the "df" program for 30 years, and I've
never seen any hint that it does any sort of client-server

Well, my experience is puny compared to yours, but I've
never seen any such hint, either.


Whatever the reason, in my equally puny experience, df takes
time to see the changes. Have you observed this with the file
you removed? Did the extra space show up later?


I'm not the OP, Doug.

I've never noticed this behavior by df, but I may not have
checked after deleting a large file. So maybe it didn't
register for N minutes or hours...

df registers the change after deleting a large file
immediately. If not it is because that large file was opened by
something else, and it is not deleted until that something else
releases the file ( eg by closing)

Thanks. I really should have figured that out, having been
stumped by open files causing problems before.