Re: moving /bin

On 2011-01-13, Bob Tennent <BobT@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm trying to move certain file systems to partitions on a SSD. So far
I've successfully moved /usr and /var. But I've not been successful at
moving /bin. The box boots but fails during the start-up. I'm running

I would hope so. How in the world does the system know where to look for
/bin? The only way it has is to look in /bin. If the stuff is not there,
it cannot use it. Also if you try to make that a link, it will not work,
since the system ONLY mounts the / partition at boot time, and if the
link is off the / partition, it again cannot see anything.

/bin, /lib, /etc all MUST be on the / partition, or the system cannot
find them.

CentOS 5.5. I've been doing these moves by copying the relevant file
system to the SSD partition using cp -a, moving the relevant file system
to another location, creating a suitable mount point such as /usr,
mounting the partition on the mount point, and adjusting /etc/fstab
accordingly. Why does this procedure not work for /bin?

Bob T.