Re: Running linux 24/7 from memory stick vs stability

On 17/01/2011 12:03, Torbjørn Heltne wrote:
I am considering running one of my computers from USB memory stick(s).
What I have experimented with so far is to use two Transcend JETFLASH T3
sticks in RAID1 and installed Ubuntu 10.10 on them. This is only a few
days ago, so I have not got much experience with this yet.

I would very much like to hear if anyone has done something similar, and
what stability (and other) issues you have faced, if any.


It's going to be a bit slow, unless you are using the more expensive faster memory sticks (I don't know the spec's of the one you are using). Writes will be particularly slow, as they must go to both sticks. Try putting /tmp and /var/tmp (and maybe /var/log) on tmpfs.

Linux itself will be fine with RAID on USB. Booting from raid 1 usually works fine, though I haven't tried it from USB. It's possible that during boot, only one USB device will be enumerated by the BIOS, and only later spotted by the kernel. If that's the case, then you risk the kernel thinking the raid 1 is out of sync, and re-writing the second stick on every boot. If that happens, try putting /boot on a separate non-raid partition.