Re: Limit RAM usage

Martin Hierholzer wrote:
On 21 Jan., 11:16, The Natural Philosopher <t...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am not a guru, but I would say that you cant and it would be a
thoroughly bad idea anyway, as if it didn't use physical RAM it would
start paging and screw the whole system.

The system has no swap, so paging is mostly disabled. The problem is,
now processes still can take the whole system down by allocating too
much memory. I've configured the watchdog to kill those processes
then, but that takes a long time (several minutes), as the watchdog
and the repair script don't get RAM as well...

Let's put it this way: I want to limit the amount of memory that would
usually be in RAM unless the system starts paging. I hope you
understand what I mean... There must be some solution, I guess it is
not an uncommon situation to have a multi-user environment on a system
meant to be used for high-performance calculations. Even without any
hostile intentions, sometimes the user processes use too much memory
by mistake. There must be some protection against this...

man ulimit