Re: wireless doesn't work on ASUS eee pc 1001ha under Easy Peasy(Ubuntu eee)

On 04/08/2011 06:59 PM, notbob wrote:
On 2011-04-08, Nir Ben Harush<nir-bh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Any further information will be given as required.
Thank you in advance
Nir Ben Harush

I feel your pain.

I have an eee 1005HA from which I boot linux from an 8G flash drive.
I tried a doz different linux netbook distros to see which would work
w/ absolutely zero mods or extra config. Though ubuntu-based, easy
peasy did not work for me, either. The first to work was ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu UNR worked flawlessly, at least for a wiki connection. The
only eee functions that don't work are the F keys. Ubuntu 10.10 also
works fine. The downside is 10.04 takes 2 mins to boot! 10.10 only
takes 1 min, but I hate the new desktop.

I use ubuntu 10.04 intalled on the flash drive with this installer.
Choose the "persistant" option so you can save new programs you may
want to install. During the book sequence, there is an option for
permanent install.

Also, the ubuntu netbook remix (UNR) name is used interchangeably with
ubuntu netbook edition, which may be confusing. They are the same
thing. Not to be confused with Easy Peasy, which is not the same.

I'm not even an ubuntu fan, using Slackware on my main desktop. But,
when I plug the flash drive w/ 10.04 into my eee netbook and turn on
the computer, it boots all by itself clear up to the prompt for my
wifi password, which it takes and connects. No addtional config or
anything. How cool is that? I hope it works equally well for you.

Hi nb
Thank you for your reply and sympathy.
The funny thing is that I had Kubunu before on this netbook and the WiFi didn't work either.
I even tried the version of Ubuntu especially designed for netbooks from the Ubuntu site, but this made problems during the installation process.
I must tell you something, this is really bad name for Linux.
How they intend to conquer the world of computers with such pitfalls.
It is neither professional nor respected.