Re: Slow down a Process

Anton Meyninger <anton.meynin...@xxxxxxxxx> [AM]:
AM> I need to slow down a process by 50%. Is there some tool or
AM> something which allows me to do that?

If your program uses X11 graphics or creates a lot of screen output,
you might try running it under a couple (or a couple hundred) nested
'ssh -Y ...' shells.

All but the last one will simply fork a new 'ssh -Y ...' process. The las=
(innermost) one will actually execute your program. (Using key based
ssh authorization is a must. You wouldn't want to enter all
those passwords manually...)

Hopefully all those encryption/decryption layers will slow down
your program's execution notably, while all other programs running at
the same time on the same machine will run at normal speed (with
some raising of the 'ssh' processes' nice value).

This hasn't been tested. If you do test it, please post your results.