Re: Best practice Linux support vendors?

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When administering Windows servers, I have found that between the
hardware vendor support (Dell, HP, etc) and Microsoft support, that
takes care of most of the big "oh crap" situations, like having to
restore a domain controller on different hardware or other hairy

believe Dell has some offerings, and there's RedHat, etc. I use Linux
for my own stuff, but for a customer it would be nice to have someone
to call in a pinch. Any advice in this area? Thanks.

Most Linux-Distributions are done by a commercial organization which also
provides support for money. Debian, which is backed by volunteers, has a
list of consultants [1].




P.S. Could you please tell me if (or if not) you see my post in
[...] If you don't want to be restricted, don't agree to it. If you are
coerced, comply as much as you must to protect yourself, just don't support
it. Noone can free you but yourself. (crag, on Debian Planet)
Arne Wichmann (aw@xxxxxxxx)

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