Re: Copy website configuration from one server to another

jwcarlton wrote:

I do have root access to both, but I'm not sure what to look for.

The old machine's /etc/httpd/ directory should have all the
configuration needed.


On my machine, /etc/httpd/ is an alias for /usr/local/apache/, which
contains logs, the compiled httpd scripts, manuals, etc (roughly 4GB
worth of data). I can't imagine that all of this could (or should) be
copied over, could it?

Because you built apache yourself?

Redhat packages for apache2 would install to /usr, working areas in /var/...
and config in /etc.

So as mentioned by another poster, /etc/http (or whatever very similar name
redhat use these days - I use debian, so coming from memory from a couple of
years back) should be all you need.

Unless, this funky web interface panel thing you spoke of has database like
files under /var/somehing as well?

Tim Watts