Re: permissions problem.

On 04/25/12 08:46, The Natural Philosopher wrote:

I have a web server whose data srae I routinely NFS mount as a quick way
of shoving data onto it.

The web server has group sticky bits set to force group ownership to
www-data the apache 'user' id.

My desktop here is debian and gnome, but when I drag and drop files
these days - and it never used to be that way - they are appearing as no
read permissions on group so the web server can't access them.

Its easy enough to fix explicitly, but how to set default files saving
in gnome as - say - 644?


further to that it seems that a lot of stuff irrespective of NFS is
appearing with no group read perms - mainly saved web images and
downloaded PDFS and that may be the problem..

If I touch a file its 644.

If I save a file from the document viewer or possible direct from a web
download, its 600


it's octal format will be opposite of what you want. for example if you want to default u only: umask 077
if you want everyone read/execute but no write except user: umask 022