Re: dynamic ip address - how to get to know my ip address?

From: Johannes Lebek (
Date: 07/06/03

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 18:36:56 +0200

Hi David,
thanks for the answer.
See my comments inline...

> There are various dynamic DNS services (web search for 'dns hosting'). I
> use They have Windows and Unix clients that can run in the
> background so they can periodically grab your connecting internet IP.

My router has a built-in support for dynamic DNS service TZO. But it is not
a free service. I will not use this service often, so I don't want to spend
25 bucks on it. Actually, I don't want to use any of these services. I just
want to sent a e-mail to my mailbox, each time I dial in.

> Although, I hacked my Dlink gateway firmware so I can monitor its
> WAN IP from its login page with a Perl LWP script without having to login,
> and just update DNS when necessary.

That sounds interesting! If I were able to modify my login page of my
router's web interface, I could place the current ip address on this page.
This is brilliant. But I don't know how to hack my firmware.Sounds risky

> I also have a wireless SMC router, but it has hardware/firmware problems
> that make it not worth messing with.

I had some problems with firmware, too. This seems to be a big problem of
SMC. The model I have is a SMC 2804 WBR. There was a firmware upgrade in the
beginning of June. I installed it because they promised to support WPA.
Unfortunately, after applying this firmware upgrade WEP did not work any
more. It took two weeks until they released a new firmware fix, although
they were aware of the problem one day after the erroneous firmware was
released. (I called them and they already knew.)

> Another option, if you have an internet web host somewhere, is to write
> your own CGI that you tickle with wget occasionally and stores your IP in
> a file you can access from anywhere. But it is simpler in the long run to
> use dynamic DNS (so you can configure clients for a fixed name).
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