network link between wnidows and linux box keeps dying

From: cinchel (
Date: 07/13/03

Date: 13 Jul 2003 12:37:13 -0700

i am not sure how to find information on this ..i have searched
google/google.groups but with no luck so i though i would post here...

brief description

windows box
98SE with analogX ( proxy running
connects to internet via modem
connects to linux box via network card

linux box
slackware 9.0
eth0 = 3com pcmcia card

the problem comes in that frequently i lose the connection between the
linux and windows machine and i have to run the following to get the
link back up again
>/etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia restart
>ifconfig eth0

my question is does anyone have an idea why this happens and what i
could do to try to stop it. others have asked if i have dns running on
the windows box and to the best of my knowledge no. and there is no
ICS running on the windows box either (that is why i have the proxy

thanks for any and all help in advance.