Re: VPN, NAT and LDAP or FTP

From: Xyerp (
Date: 08/12/03

Date: 12 Aug 2003 09:44:26 -0700

René Matthäi <> wrote in message news:<bhambq$m8j$04$>...
> Hi,
> what do you think is the best solution for this?
> I read information about Super FreeS/WAN, CIPE, OpenVPN (vtun) and so
> on. But I cannot see if there is at all a possibility to have VPN
> between to NATed Intranets, each VPN GW situated behind the FWs - and
> providing the capability of FTP or LDAP traffic between the intranets.
> Or is M$ L2TP (with IPSec?!?) a solution to this. Or should we get a
> hardware solution (if at all this would help)?
> Please help me understanding all this :-/
> Greetings,
> René

Solution for what? What is it that you are trying to achieve? I cannot
understand what you are trying to ask - anyone else?

The best guess I can make is that you want a way to transfer files in
a secure manner. I'd take a look at OpenSSH for this.

Quick and easy to setup, configure, can be automated and the firewall
rules are easy.