Cant get Samba to work properly on redhat 9 and XP

From: peeete (
Date: 08/24/03

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    Date: 23 Aug 2003 21:18:06 -0700

    Hi people,

    Ive just (finally) got my red hat machine up and going again. I set up
    all the network through my router etc. and I am trying to get Samba to
    work. All the components are there, and they are all working. I set up
    passwords for users from the Linux box (root etc.) on my XP machine
    and visa versa on the RH box. I created a simple samba.conf file like
    the ones u just find on groups at google, but no matter what i do, i
    cant see the RH machine in network neighbourhood. I can ping, and when
    i try to map a drive, it tells me that I am not authorized to connect
    to this machine from this location. That makes me think that the
    passwords are wrong in the samba files. But they arent.

    Anyone that can give me their samba.conf file would be my hero. Or
    anyone knows why I cant see my RH machine in network neighbourhood I
    would be grateful...


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