vpn routing

From: Markus Wenke (m.wenke_at_whoisup.de)
Date: 08/27/03

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 11:39:00 +0200


I want to use openvpn with the following szenario;

         | |
         | |
         | DSL |DSL
         | |
         | |
                            | |
                        CLIENT1 CLIENT2

CLIENT3 is connected via vpn trough internet to the router. (CLIENT3's
IP: (tun1), ROUTER has
Now I want that CLIENT3 becomes additional the IP, so that
he can comunicate with the other CLIENTs in the net (as it
where physicaly in it).
I don't want to make changes on CLIENT1/2.

what have I to do on CLIENT3 and ROUTER ?

btw: CLIENT3 is Windows XP, ROUTER is Linux (the other doesn't matter)

thanks in advance