DNS problem

From: Michael Forster (admin_at_muckworld.com)
Date: 08/31/03

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 08:47:16 +0100

I am getting ready to take over my DNS primary so that I can add subdomains
as and when I wish (with my ISP playing Secondary Slaving off me.

when I was using the forwarders section then it worked fine,
Even though I have set the forwarders off now and enabled the hints section
Every now and then I cannot get anywhere on the network - i then issue an
ndc reload and about 10-20 seconds later it works

I do have the following line on my system though to try and stop outside
people using my DNS but allow internal to do so.

        allow-recursion {;; };

can anyone advise? I have got the latest root.hint file from the internic