Re: Ethernet Bridge - Confusion

From: David Efflandt (
Date: 11/10/03

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 07:54:00 +0000 (UTC)

On Sun, 09 Nov 2003 22:54:20 +0100, Arun Dev <nospam@pleaz.xy> wrote:
> Hi David
> David Efflandt wrote:
>> An access point can typically be used as AP, client, or bridge (bridge
>> might only work between similar units). A bridge can be used instead of
>> wireless pc card, but may have better range due to external antenna.
>> So if you need something that other wireless clients can connect to, you
>> need at least 1 AP for them to connect to. The other end can be a
>> wireless card, bridge, or similar AP (in client or bridge mode).
> I too have a very similar problem: myself new to this WLAN
> business.
> Presently I have an ADSL connectin with 8 (5 is more accurate)
> fix IP addresses.
> On one, I have a dual homed Linux machinge giving me a full
> LAN in the private address range (say
> An AP (Linksys WAP11) is connected to my "WAN" switch. The
> AP is in "Infrastructure" mode.
> In the next building, I have another dual homed machine,
> one NIC being a WLAN card. That gives me another private
> LAN (say But the WLAN NIC consumes a precious
> public IP.
> Now my question is:
> I would like to join the two LANs into one (say
> Can I move the AP to my first LAN and add a new AP to the
> second LAN, thus bridging them?

Yes. Since you have a WAP11, another WAP11 may work best. But you could
try the ME101 and see how that works.

> I have a spare Netgear ME101. Will that communicate with WAP-11?
> Will I still be able to roam with a notebook in both
> buildings?

Only if the signal is strong enough from your current WAP11. If bridging
works, but too weak for laptop, you might need another AP for the other

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