netconfig the right way

From: Miguel De Anda (
Date: 11/18/03

Date: 17 Nov 2003 17:10:52 -0800

I'm running slackware 9.1 and when I run netconfig I use the following

hostname: tiny
domain: computerlab
(just something i made up, all my machines use the same domain)

ip address: DHCP
dhcp hostname: <empty>

I'm running apache as a simple way to help with file sharing but also
to test out html pages and stuff like that. I've uncommented out the
bit of code that allows access to a user's public_html directory.

My questions:

a) how can I make it so I can do something like http://tiny/ or
http://tiny.computerlab/ or something similar? I also want to be able
to use then for when I ftp/telnet to that machine.

b) when I do ip/~username I get redirected to
tiny.computerlab/~testuser/ (changes ip to tiny.computerlab and add
the trailing /) but that can't be found. Is there a way to fix this?