Home-Lan question

From: belbo (belbo_at_abulafia.it)
Date: 11/20/03

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 20:10:13 GMT

I've got a little home-lan, composed by two PCs. The current configuration
is the following:

router adsl <--> PC1 <--> crossed wire <--> PC2

The main problem of this 'rough' lan is that the internet connection is
reachable from PC2 only when PC1 is connected. If I want surf from PC2 I
have to switch on the PC1 with a little but annoying electricity waste.
Besides, there's a worse problem related to NAT connection: when I
wanna provide a server (for instance a game server as UnrealT 2003) from the
PC2, which is the more powerful and graphic-oriented PC, I can't.
Unfortunately I can make a server visible from the internet only on PC1.
At last my question: if I buy a common HUB, how I can manage the pppoe
connection from my pcs?
Since my adsl router doesn't have hardware authentication
equipment, I have to give it ID & pwd through 'pon' program.

With the situation below, how I can deliver ID and
pwd to adsl router?

router adsl <-> HUB ---> PC1
                    \---> PC2