Re: simultaneous dial-up and ethernet lan??

From: Scott (
Date: 11/30/03

Date: 29 Nov 2003 19:45:06 -0800

Clifford Kite <> wrote in message news:<8s4aqb.o1i.ln@corncob.localhost.tld>...
> Scott <> wrote:
> > Need some pointers at configuring a linux laptop to be able to access
> > a local network while making a ppp connection to the WAN.
> > using:
> > mdk9.2
> > kppp
> If there is a problem then you need to post more information. At a
> minimum that would be a narrative description of the problem.
> If this is a request for general instructions then consult the PPP
> HOWTO to setup dial out PPP or, better,
> and make sure there is no default route to the LAN.

Sorry, I was tired last night and really thought I put in enough info,
to only read it today and go??

My only unknowns here are how to I guess "route" the LAN. I use them
presently one at a time. KPPP has been great and does some things I
have never been able to accomplish using anything else. So..

I will check these links for hints. I am thinking that I need to route
the lan, or "eth0" for my 192.168.*.* somehow and to keep it that way
while when kppp is brought up to become the route for anything else.