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From: James Knott (
Date: 12/30/03

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 14:51:42 GMT

Luke wrote:

> I'm setting up a router/dhcp server, and my router gets its IP and DNS
> info via DHCP from my ISP.
> How can I pass the DNS info along to my clients when the DNS info is
> dynamically assigned? I see in the DHCP howto that you can do it easily
> if they are static, but what about dynamic?
> And what's the best way to add the
> /sbin/route add -host dev eth1
> thing automatically? In the /etc/init.d/dhcp script? I'm using debian,
> and am worried that file will be overwritten every time dhcp is
> updated via apt-get... is this a valid concern?

While your IP is dynamic, your host name might not be. For example, my host
name is based on my computer mac address, which doesn't change. Failing
that, the Linux dhcp client can run a script, whenever the IP changes. You
should be able to do something with that, to update the DNS info.

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