Re: fetchmail multidrop

From: Fred Stuurman (
Date: 01/06/04

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 10:49:39 +0100

hhh wrote:
> Fred Stuurman wrote:
> <<skip>>
>>Here is the .fetchmailrc which I have now:
>>aka localhost
>>localdomains localhost:
>>no dns
>>user <user> pass <password>
>>to info=info
>>pieter=pieter here
> <<skip>>
>>fetchmail: found Received address `'
>>fetchmail: About to rewrite From: "Arjen/Jolanda Geukema/Logtens"
>>Rewritten version is From: "Arjen/Jolanda Geukema/Logtens"
> This mail was send to IMO after 'aka' there should be
> '; thats in fact the domain name of your mail address. If more are
> used add them too. Skip all entries you have now after 'aka'.
> The line with localdomains makes no sense to me. Do not know the meaning. Try
> without this line.
> I also presume that info, fred, rene and pieter are names of users on your
> linux server.
> hh

yes that did the trick, maybe you can explain to me why AKA should be
used instead of localdomains keyword.
in the manual it says:
AKA = Specify alternate DNS names of mailserver

I thought that localdomains was telling fetchmail which domains he
should treat as local. is the remote host so I put it after
Thanks and kind regards Fred Stuurman.