Strange PPP message

From: Web Spinner (
Date: 01/07/04

Date: 8 Jan 2004 01:04:53 +1100

I recently compiled a 2.2.25 kernel and included
PPP into the kernel instead of as a module.
Now everytime I try to connect using the "ppp-on"
command, it keeps displaying this message:

modprobe: modprobe: can't locate module ppp0
registered device ppp0

Then the modem starts dialing and I connect to
my ISP and everything works fine with no further

Even though everytime works fine, I would like
to know why I am getting this message partly
out of annoyance and partly because I would like
to learn something from this.

I upgraded to pppd version 2.3.11 as the kernel
documentation told me to, so I can't see what's
wrong here.

I find it a bit strange because ppp is compiled
into the kernel already, so it shouldn't even be
looking for a module. Furthermore, why is it
complaining about a "ppp0" module? Isn't
the correct name of the module called "ppp"?

Can anybody explain this?

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