Re: dhcpd -> no activity...

From: Luke (
Date: 01/12/04

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 00:06:26 GMT

On 2004-01-11, Cameron Kerr <> wrote:
> Luke <> wrote:
>> On 2004-01-10, Luke <> wrote:
>> Also, when running tcp dump on the dhcp client machine, i see the
>> following:
>> 20:21:28.329957 >
>> xid:somehexnumber secs:7680 file ""[|bootp] [tos 0x10]
>> tcpdump: pcap_loop: recvfrom: Network is down
> Yeah, its just complaining that the interface isn't up, so it can't read
> packets from the network (the one you see is going from the machine).

Well, the interface isn't up because it can't get an ip from dhcp,

I can bring it up using static ip info, but then it can't ping the dhcp
server either...

Luke StClair
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