DSL home networking

From: UseNaut (UseNaut_at_nospam.biz)
Date: 01/13/04

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 17:47:54 GMT

I have a computer hooked up to Earthlink via DSL.

I am about to buy a new computer, and want to use one as a /gateway/ and
hook up the second as a node on a Local subnet ( 192.168 ).

Earthlink advertises /home networking/ for $9.95. Is this really

Can anyone advise me how to set up my first computer as a Linux gateway (
running Fedora RC1 ) and my other computer as a node that would use that
gateway. Isn't it just as simple as making the gateway my _nameserver_
and assigning it a static IP in the 192.168.1 range ???