Re: another samba question

From: richard noel fell (
Date: 01/16/04

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:12:36 -0500

Carl wrote:

> richard noel fell wrote:
>> Thanks to advice from this newsgroup, I can now access my linux
>> (redhat 9.0 on intel) machine from my xp machine and share files. The
>> next thing to do is to be able to print from my xp using my linux
>> printer. I am trying to use Samba to do this. However, here is the
>> problem.
>> According to information secured from the web, I am supposed to
>> select the "Printer" button from the Samba interface and proceed from
>> there. However, there are only 4 buttons on my Samba interface, Home,
>> View, Status and Password. Other than Password, none of these allows
>> any interaction. What am I missing here?
>> Thanks,
>> Dick Fell
> the default samba configuraion file will do this just fine without any
> changes. Have you setup your Linux printer? If you have it should
> show up in XP already I would assume.
> For me I set up a RAW Queue and installed the actual driver on windows
> box because it wouldnt do a network install from samba. then I
> pointed the driver toward the real printer on the linux box.
> clg
Thanks for the advice. It works.
Dick Fell