Linux Box as Firewall or ADSL Router?

From: Adrian P. Ireland (adrian_at_spam.spam.invalid)
Date: 01/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 22:05:10 +0000

I am looking for opinions.

I have a SOHO and have set it up with an old box (PIII 500MHz) as
a firewall. This box has;
        Linux 2.4.22, LFS distribution, Shorewall scripts (yummy).
        Two NICS (red and green)

The red NIC is attached to an ADSL router (D-Link DSL-504)
The green NIC is attached to a switch for the internal network.

The ADSL router has some firewall facilities.

I have the D-Link re-directing port 80 to a box on my internal network that
acts as a webserver.

Now I am short a box, I am trying to upgrade the box I use as the
webserver to 2.6.1 and I am having some problems with needing to reboot
and the odd lock up.

Would I loose much security by just using the firewall on the D-Link
router and stealing the Linux box to use as a server while I am fiddling
with the other one?

I think I may have made things overly complicated, but before I had the
ADSL router, I just had a dialup per modem to the Internet and I used
the Linux firewall to share the connection (slow as it was). The
smallest change I could have made was just to change the dialup
connection per modem for the ADSL router as I had an old NIC lying


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