Re: Tunnel ICMP?

From: James Knott (
Date: 02/06/04

Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 11:57:03 GMT

Davey SM4 wrote:

> I have Linux boxes at each site, so what I'm thinking here is set
> static route on the Windows box to the PBX to route via the Linux box
> at site A.
> Then set up a tunnel ( SSH maybe? ) from Linux box at site A to Linux
> box B.
> Then forward the traffic from the Linux box at site B to the PBX.
> Thereby all the pings from the Windows at site A would go:
> Windows[Site A] -> Linux[Site A] ->(Tunnelled over WAN)-> Linux[Site
> B] -> PBX[Site B]

What you're describing is a VPN. However, ssh isn't suitable, as it won't
carry ICMP. There are many other VPNs available, that will carry all IP

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