IP assignments, routing and NAT

From: M. Hrabowski (mhrab_at_ira.uka.de)
Date: 02/20/04

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 08:37:55 +0100

Hi ng,
 I want to build up a network with a set of static IP's that my provider
assigned to me. It's a 3-bit subnet of a Class C network address I presume.
So if I let out network (0), gateway (1) and broadcast address (7) there
are five IPs left (e.g. -, netmask ).
 So far so good.
 - I want to make a number of servers available to the internet using the
different static IPs. They are all connected to the other side of the
firewall and I don't want to use Port Forwarding.
 - The computer meant to be the firewall between the servers and the gateway
has only two NICs. It's not possible to extend it.
So I want the servers all reside in a private network (e.g. and
make them available via the static IP's through some kind of static NAT
from the firewall/router. So f.e. all requests from the internet for should be sent to, all requests for
should be sent to and so on. Is such a configuration possible
(iproute2??). And if, how is such a static 1 to 1 address translation

Hope someone can help me...

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