Linux webserver behind router configuration issue

From: Paul Dessart (
Date: 03/19/04

Date: 19 Mar 2004 01:14:52 -0800


Hope one of you can help while i'm a little bit loss on this setup.

The problem:

I'm using a Sweex Router ( 4 port + wireless access) to connect to my
Dsl Provider. All works fine except that my Apapche webserver on my
Mandrake 9.1 is not accessible from the internet :-(

The configuration I did:

Wan : 10.0.0.x connect to ISP
Lan: (gateway- router) (linux box static IP to run Apache)
     192.168.2.x (dhcp adresses for wlan and other pc)

ISP adress:

on the router: NAT is activated and point to for the ports
80; 8080; 8200; ( port referenced in http.conf by default)

Firewall on the router is de-activated to avoid conflicts

what is working:

I can connect from all the machine on intranet using
I can connect on the webserver locally using http://localhost or

But when trying the adresse: get the error: "The
connection was refused when attempting to connect to

Additional info: the apache server is 2.0.47 provided by Mandrake with
ADVX ( advanced extranet) the configuration files are the default one.

Could you help me to find out which parameter I'm still missing here
(get the feeling that I have a security parameter or access right to
set up properly but don't know which one)

Thanks for the help,


Paul Dessart