cannot connect to internet

From: Intelligent Guy (
Date: 04/05/04

Date: 5 Apr 2004 07:14:41 -0700

Hello Everyone,
   Last weekend I installed Fedora Core 2 (Redhat's test version) from
scratch. The installation went on fine, but now I am having strange
problem with internet setup. My computer is dual boot and I can surf
internet when I am on windows xp. I cannot do same when i boot my
computer on Redhat Linux.
   I have cable modem and I am using DHCP as I connect through a
1. I used internet connection wizard to setup internet connection.
Specified DHCP and ethernet as connection mechanism. /etc/resolv.conf
shows correct DNS IP address and domain name.
2. ip_forwarding is set to 1.
3. I can ping other machine on my network, but I cannot seem to Only thing I can successfully ping is
(not sure why that is happening).
4. eth0 settings also seem to be allright.
5. route command shows that all unkown IP packets should be routed to
the gateway (whose IP address is also correct).
6. If i use webbrowser, it times out after waiting for while for any

My gateway address is :
pc #1 : (this machine is dual boot with windows xp and
fedora core)
pc #2 : (windows xp , works fine can access internet)

Yes, firewall is on and iptable rules are default with what ever rules
are set during installation. Please help in fixing this problem.

Smart Guy,