Re: Which linux is best for Handset technology (pricewise)?

From: Alexander Clouter (
Date: 04/09/04

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 00:23:00 +0100

On 2004-04-06, vasanta <> wrote:
> Dear Linux experts,
> [snip details about neat idea]
> How about RH?. We are thinking we are not going to use all the
> functioanlities, we will use someof them only. Our Flash size is much
> smaller. Also does anybody have any idea do we have to pay amy
> royalties and licensing once we start selling mobile handsets.
Christ are you some kind of muppet? You do not run entire distrubutions on
embedded devices! For starters embedded programs should even have the
slightest clue that (for example) "oh we want an OS on our new fancy mobile
phone, hey I have a Win2k CD here, lets install that". It would be damn
right stupid.

Come on guys at least do some legwork. I am not even a programming monkey
and I know you should be looking at uClinux[1] and maybe if you roll your own
use the Linux _kernel_ version 2.0.x, maybe 2.2.x but probably 2.0.x really).

You should also know that Debian, Redhat, Mandrake, etc is not 'Linux'.
Linux is just the kernel. You do not want a fully pledged _desktop/server_
distro on a freaking mobile phone. For christ's sake, do you not know also
the meaning beind RTOS (Real Time Operating System)? Linux is not one,
paritularly a distro based one.

Thirty seconds worth of Google'ing turns up[2][3] several links to start

> I am new to the business, can somebody suggest me those details
> (licensing and royalties).
/me is no law-monkey....

Although its nice to see people trying to jump on the Linux bandwagon for
embedded devices (for a whole host of reasons) it is enlightening to see how
from day one such attitudes/skills/approaches to problems is going to get
you. I predict nowhere fast. :-/

Sorry to sound rude but really this is just pathetic. You are also posting
in the wrong newsgroup too..... :-/