Re: ppp connected, but no IP, DNS, GW

From: Clifford Kite (
Date: 04/12/04

Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 17:44:26 -0500

Bill Unruh <> wrote:
> Clifford Kite <> writes:

> ]ATZ is an iffy way of initializing a (real) modem. Usually ATZ&F
> ]is better.

> I agree that ATZ is not good, and that your suggestion will work.
> However the &F will cancel out anything the Z does. &F is factory
> defaults ( and use &F1 for Sportster modems as &F uses software flow
> control.)

AIUI, it won't quite cancel all ATZ does. In addition to setting a
preset user (which for some modems is not user settable) profile,
it's supposed to "clear the serial port buffers."

> Thus AT&F would be "better" in the sense of being a shorter
> sentence to accomplish the same thing.
> The reason ATz is iffy is because ATZ sets the modem to whatever
> attributes it had when some unknown person or program issued a save
> settings command-- Ie you have no idea what atz sets the modem to.

> Of course what a winmodem does with either of these is pretty uncertain.

Indeed so.

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