dumb wyse question

From: dfield (dfield58_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 04/28/04

Date: 28 Apr 2004 14:47:54 -0700

Our company uses a DOS server (actually CDOS) and WYSE terminals as
cash registers. We would love to replace these terminals with Linux
boxes. I've found and installed the "wy60" wyse emulator on a Linux
laptop. This launchs a child shell and reworks the escape sequences so
the shell thinks it's a wyse terminal. Dumb question: Once I've got
this shell going, how do I connect it to the comm port? Presumably I
need to run telnet or kermit or ??? It can't be very complicated if a
dumb terminal does it, but I have no idea what protocol it uses. We do
the same thing in several Windows boxes using Procomm+, but the
Windows setting is "direct connect-Com1" and I'm afraid I don't know
nearly enough about networking to know the Linux equivalent. Any help
or quick howto's would be greatly appreciated.