Re: Large binary newreader help please!

From: Ohmster (
Date: 05/02/04

Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 19:29:48 GMT

Bit Twister <BitTwister@localhost.localdomain> wrote in

OMG, this is so freaking kewl, you are a genious, Bit Twister!

> You realy aught to try the command man slrn

Did that already, I couldn't find a way to lauch slrn from the console and
specify which server that I want to use easily. Besides, I would *never* have
been able to figre all of this out. :)

> My solution.
> I created a script and pass which server I want to access.
> I then have a launch icon for each server with a command line like
> /site/bin/news comcast
> /site/bin/news giga

So what is the name that you created for this script? "news"?
You put the script in /site/bin/ ? Can I just put it in ~/scripts ?

Your script will accept a command line argument like "comcast" or "giga"?

Oh man I gotta try this....

In my ~/.slrnrc I can put my username and password for the server and it
works when I use that server in my /etc/profile file. How do you handle the
user/pass issue with your script? Do you just answer these questions when
slrn loads? This is a bit difficult because giganews gave me a real weird
username and password, I will never be able to remember these items. Can your
script be modified to accept user/pass strings or can your script be modified
to read them from a file?

> news script snippet follow:
> case $1 in
> giga)
> ;;
> comcast)
> # NNTPSERVER= # New Jersey
> # NNTPSERVER= # San Francisco
> NNTPSERVER= # Central usa
> # NNTPSERVER= # San Francisco
> ;;
> *) echo " "
> echo "$1 is an invalid selection"
> echo " "
> echo "Usage: news giga"
> echo " news comcast"
> exit 1
> ;;
> esac
> xterm -tn xterm -fn 10x20 -title "news $1 " -geom 100x43+200+200 -e
> slrn -C

This last line I presume sets the window geometry when you use slrn in
xwindows. What does "slrn -C" do?

Wow, this is really cool. Thanks a lot Bit Twister!