Support for native IPv6 dialup connections in pppd-2.4.2 ?

From: Goncalo (
Date: 06/16/04

Date: 16 Jun 2004 06:06:48 -0700


I work in an ISP and I'm currently testing the IPv6
implementation in our network.

I need to do some testing with native IPv6 in dialup
connections, and I'm currently testing dialup connections
from a Mandrake 9.2 linux box to a cisco AS5300.

I configured our cisco AS5300 to assign a IPv6 address
upon receiving a connection, but the PC dialing to it
gets no IPv6 address.

The dialup connection comes up, the linux ppp0 interface
gets the link local address, I can ping (and telnet and
whatever I want) the cisco on the other side using the
link local addresses, but the ppp0 interface does not get
the IPv6 address that the cisco is giving to it from the
pool I configured.

I get this same behavior whether I use IPv4 or not in ppp.

Looking at the cisco logs, everythings looks fine, although
I'm not 100% sure everything is well configured with the
cisco, as I'm only used to configure IPv4.

Still, the problem seems to be in the linux ppp side.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance