Re: problem connecting kernel linux with earthlink DSL

From: ZaK (
Date: 08/01/04

Date: 1 Aug 2004 14:26:36 -0700 (ZaK) wrote in message news:<>...
> Hello Everyone,
> I have been trying to connect my linux box with my earthlink DSL.
> Herebelow, I will try to explain each step I went through as elaborate
> as possible so that you all can get clear picture of what I did. But
> no luck. Following are the steps I did so far:
> ----------------------------------
> 1) After I typed "adsl-setup", it came as this: Welcome to the ADSL
> setup...The following DSL config was found on your system:
> Device: Name
> ppp0 DSLppp0
> ppp1 DSLppp1
> ppp3 DSLppp3
> ppp3 DSLppp3
> notice: ppp3 was mentioned twice, It's not a typo. It exactly the way
> it showed on the screen which is rather confusing to me.
> Please enter the device if you want to config the present DSL
> config(default ppp0) or enter 'n' if you want to create a new one:
> I chose the default which is ppp0
> ------------------------------------------
> 2)Enter your login name :
> here I entered only the name not after the @ part of my e-mail
> address. For Example: I entered 'newoxygenlife' , NOT ''.
> I'm not sure if that would make any difference or not. As i went
> through some newsgroups, different people commented totally different
> ways on this issue. Couple of people suggested to enter
> 'newoxygenlife', while the rest suggested to enter the whole e-mail
> address.Ovbiously it made me confused and I chose to enter the
> 'newoxygenlife' only.
> --------------------------------------------
> 3)Enter the Ethernet interface connected to the ADSL modem. For
> solaris it's likely to be something like /dev/hme0. For Linux, it will
> be ethX, where 'X' is a number.(default eth0):
> I went for default(eth0) here as well.
> --------------------------------------------
> 4)Do you want the link to come up on demand, or stay up continuously?
> For your link to stay up permanently, enter 'no'
> NOTE: Demand activated links do not interact well with dynamic IP
> addresses. You may have some problems with demand activated links.
> Enter the demand value(default no):
> I went for default here too. I don't have dynamic IP address(which is
> extra $15). Therefore, I chose 'no' .
> ------------------------------------------
> 5)DNS
> Please enter the IP address of your ISP's primary DNS server. If your
> ISP claims that 'the server will provide dynamic DNS addresse', enter
> 'server' (all lower-case) here. if you just press enter, I will assume
> you know what you are doing and not modify you DNS setup.
> Enter the DNS information here: <- this is not the real
> IP though, I used here only example.
> Please enter the IP address ......for secondary
> DNS:<-again this is an example.
> Please note that i tried both ways; typing 'server' and also typing
> the DNS IP address(I had to call my ISP and get this IP address).
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Please enter your password:
> I entered the password for my e-mail address.
> Please re-enter your password:
> Entered again.
> -------------------------------------------------
> Please enter 'yes'(twho letters, lower case) if you want to allow
> normal user to start or stop DSL connection:
> I chose 'yes'
> ---------------------------------------------
> 8)Firewalling
> 0- no firewall
> 1- standalone
> 2- masquerade
> I chose here 0 for my own reason. But I think it's changeable later
> on.
> ----------------------------------------------
> 9)Start this connection at boot time
> Do you want to start this conection at boot time? Please enter no or
> yes:
> I chose 'no'
> ---------------------------------------------------
> 10)Here is the summary of what I have entered:
> Ethernet interface: eth0
> User name : newoxygenlife
> Activate on demand: No
> Primary DNS :
> Secondary DNS :
> Firewalling : None
> User control : yes
> Accept this setting and adjust config(y/n)?
> I pressed 'y'.
> ---------------------------------------------
> Then I typed 'adsl-start' , after may be 15-20 seconds, here is the
> output:
> '/sbin/adsl-start: line 217: 5564 terminated $connect "$@"
> >/dev/nu
> 11 2>&1
> The above line has been very frustrating for last several days. I
> checked my cable, switched different cable too, no luck so far. But
> one thing I have noticed, in each session each time I try to start
> ADSL, the number after 217: (which is here 5564) keeps going up.
> I have been feeling very helpless on this issue. Any type of help
> would be appreciated. thank you.
> ZaK

Aug 1'04

Hello Clifford

First of all thank you for your kind response to my problem. At the
same time I would admit my stupidity on 'dynamic' and 'static' IP
addresses. Even though I know the difference, but I guess I blanked
out at that time. Yes, you are correct on what you had thought as
'static' address should be $15 more than the dynamic address. I'm
sorry for making it confusing. As you have guessed that I hand copied
the 'adsl-start' and 'adsl-setup' scripts, you are correct on that as
well. As far as typos, I would say English is not my first language
and I'm new with linux too(eagerly want to learn though). So, I
apologise for the confusion.

Besides, in places where you saw "......." inside my scripts, I just
omitted few words there thinking those would not be needed with the
My problem I have been facing still remains. What should I do now? As
you indicated that '/dev/nu11' is really bad, what should I do on this

Thanks again for your kind help.