Re: rlogin (I know I know but we have to use it)

From: William B. Cattell (
Date: 10/12/04

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 17:50:01 GMT

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 08:04:07 -0700, Binner wrote:

> I have a strange situation with rlogin and a redhat (8.0) linux box
> Solaris (2.8) machines on remote subnets can rlogin to the box
> Solaris (2.8) machines on the local subnet cannot
> Ping work fine between the boxes and the linux box can mount the
> shared NFS disk from the solaris box so I do not think it is a network
> issue
> I have tried various combinations of username and host name / FQDN /
> ip address in both /etc/hosts.equiv and .rhosts but nothing appears
> to work.
> I get the following error on the Sun box
> Protocol error, (hostname) connection closed
> then only thing that appears in the logs is in the secure log
> Oct 12 22:55:20 (localhostname) xinetd[888]: START: login pid=1486
> from=(ip address)
> Has anyone got any ideas ?
> has anyone come accross this before

I've seen similar results when TCPwrappers were installed. Nodes on an
existing subnet could access the system via SSH (in this case) but
machines on a new subnet couldn't.



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